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Bug#321523: ssh.1.gz: no password bootstrap example

Package: ssh
Version: 1:3.8.1p1-8.sarge.4
Severity: wishlist
File: /usr/share/man/man1/ssh.1.gz
Tags: upstream

Perhaps describe protocol 2 before protocol 1.

And perhaps add this example to show protocol 2 users how to get
rid of being asked for passwords, as an example is worth 1000 words:

$ ssh nurdsburg2 mkdir .ssh
Password: xxxxxx
$ scp .ssh/id_dsa.pub nurdsburg2:.ssh/authorized_keys #or append is better?
Password: xxxxxx
$ ssh nurdsburg2
Welcome to nurdsburg2. Last login: Aug 6 03:42 from nurdsburg1
nurdsburg2$ chmod -R go= .ssh #if important?

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