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ssh-krb5 broken packages available; now looking at PAM and privsep

Hi.  I have packages of ssh-krb5 based on 3.3p1 available at
http://web.mit.edu/afs/sipb/user/hartmans/ssh-krb5.  I have made these
available event though they don't work because I know of at least two
other people who have been working on these packages and I'd rather
have a common starting point for people to look at in case someone
comes up with useful patches.  If you send me patches against these
packages I'll be able to use them.

NOTE WELL: I have not decided that these packages will be uploaded to
unstable or testing-security even if we do get them working.  I
believe that the strategy of backporting the fix once the problem is
known may be a better decision than forcing an upgrade to the new
version of ssh.  

If you install these packages and we don't end up doing something
based on the 3.3p1 for woody, then you'll have to manually dowgrade; I
will not introduce an epoch.


My priority now is to figure out what to do about PAM session modules
and privilege separation.  I'm hanging out on OPN IRC looking ath this
issues.  I'm not currently on a channel, but if you are also working
on this problem, /msg me and I'll be happy to jon some non-noisy
channel so we can share discoveries.


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