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Ruby team sprint -- Paris, Feb 3rd-7th 2020


In February 2020, the Ruby team plans to hold a sprint.
The last one, was in Brazil, in 2016.


Since there will be contributors coming from far away (India,
Brazil,...), the format will be a "long sprint" of one week, just after

Local Organizer: Cédric Boutillier (me)
Dates: Feb 3-7 2020
Location: Sorbonne Université (center of Paris)
Estimated budget: about 60 euros per night and person + travel cost: 9000 euros

I would like to request pre-approval for the budget of this sprint.
I expect Debian France (Cc:ed) to be the trusted organization dealing
with the reimbursement of participants, if the budget is approved and
they kindly accept.

The program wil include, but is not limited to:
- transition to Ruby2.7 (out in December 2019)
- Rails 6
- Improve team workflow and tools
- Update and fix bugs in packages 

Thanks in advance,


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