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git & Debian packaging sprint report


Over the weekend, Ian Jackson and I met in Cambridge, U.K. to work on
the design and implementation of tools and processes relating to git &
Debian packaging.

Main achievement

We designed and implemented a system to make it possible for DDs to
upload new versions of packages by simply pushing a specially formatted
git tag to salsa.

Please see this blog post to learn about how it works:

While the cloud service part of this system has not yet been deployed,
and so you can't just tag to upload yet, the blog post explains how you
can run the cloud service in an ad-hoc mode on your laptop, and thereby
get a feel for how it works.

You can also read git-debpush(1) in sid.[1]

Other achivements

1. In-depth design discussions for:

   - git-ffqrebase, a tool for Debian users and downstreams to rebase
     delta queues on top of Debian's source code; and

   - better git-merge support for git-debrebase.  Confirmed the
     resolution UX/workflow, so implementation is now unblocked.  Some
     notes are in #931552.

2. Improved the git packaging survey[2] by setting up inner pages,
   deciding on a template for those, and filling some of them in.

3. Made some plans to improve the layout of dgit's documentation.  Thank
   you to Colin Watson for the feedback which prompted this.

4. Triage of bugs filed against src:dgit.

5. Various smaller fixes/improvements to dgit.

6. Wrote up some requirements as input to an upcoming BoF.[3]

7. Produced blog post linked above.


There will be one travel reimbursement request, for an amount less than


Thank you to donators to Debian for travel funding, and the people who
live at Ian Jackson's place (including Ian) for hosting.

[1]  https://manpages.debian.org/git-debpush
[2]  https://wiki.debian.org/GitPackagingSurvey
[3]  https://debconf19.debconf.org/talks/68-one-git-to-package-them-all-and-on-the-salsa-find-them/

Sean Whitton

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