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(d)git sprint, July 2019, Cambridge

[please CC me on any follow-ups]


This is to announce that Ian Jackson and I are planning a sprint on git
for Debian packaging, dgit and related topics.  We'll have planning
discussions about what to prioritise in development over the next year,
especially regarding what needs to be implemented to best facilitate
discussions at DebConf19.  And we'll actually do some of that

I am the responsible organiser for the sprint.

Ian will host the sprint at his place in Cambridge, daytime July 5th--7th.

I'd like to request pre-approval for travel expenses for participants.
AIUI in doing this I have to specify an amount.  I'd therefore like to
request up to $100 per participant.  Only one participant has so far
indicated they will apply for reimbursement of travel expenses, and the
amount is less than $100.

Sean Whitton

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