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Requesting approval for Debian Med Sprint 2018

Dear all, dear Leader, dear Treasurer,

as  outlined on https://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/2018/DebianMed2018
we hope to be granted the opportunity to convene February 10th to 12th
for our 2018 Debian Med Sprint - this year in Barcelona. A major
uniting theme for us is to bring the Common Workflow Language
closer to our distribution and with it the interaction with groups
external to Debian that curate registries/catalogs of research
software with references to our packages.

We are currently 5 developers, likely to become 6, plus 4, likely to
become 6, self-funded external contributors. We have shared rooms
in the past, and should find accommodation for 50 € / night / person.
Allowing for 3 nights, plus 300 € for transport, we shall be asking
for no more than 3000 Euro.

We have not asked for support for our catering in the past, but especially
for the self-funded contributors it would be a nice gesture to offer a
free meal. Please kindly advise us.

Many thanks and regards, best wishes for 2018ff

Steffen <moeller>

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