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Re: Debian Perl Sprint in May 2015


On 18/03/15 at 23:19 +0100, Alex Muntada wrote:
> The Debian Perl team is planning a sprint from May 22nd to 24th
> in Barcelona (ES) that will be kindly hosted by the Computer
> Architecture Department [0] at UPC BarcelonaTech.
> The sprint goals are to kick off the stretch development for
> pkg-perl and to perform QA work across our 3000+ packages.
> There are 7 members of the team expected to attend the sprint
> and most of them will need sponsorship. The budget estimate is
> between 2195€ and 2715€.
> Please, find all the details on the wiki [1] and let me or the
> debian-perl list [2] know if you need more information.

Looks good to me. Approved.

A couple comments:

Many of the topics could actually be of interest to other packaging
teams. Could you maybe try to document the sprint outcomes on those
topics in a quite verbose way? It always makes me sad when each team
re-invents its own solutions to the same problems.

Re intrigeri's travel sponsorship, if you can come up with a protocol
that satisfies both him and a TO, it might be possible to cover those
costs. The "sponsor food instead" solution works for me, but it would be
interesting for Debian to have an solution to that problem.

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