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My report from Debian Med sprint , February 2014 in Stonehaven

here is my sprint report for the DebianMed sprint has occured last
week-end in Stonehaven [0].

Packaging stuff:

- I have fixed some bugs on biojava and libgo-perl and uploaded fixed
- I have worked on biojava3 upgrade which moved its repository to
github, requiring several updates in the Debian packaging plus  some
patches update.
- I have packaged 2 new softwares (NGS related): mapsembler2 and
discosnp (both are uploaded in NEW queue)


I helped at bioinfoc packaging with Detlef Wolf on autools setup.

Discussed with the EDAM team and Steffen Möller on possible cooperation
to get EDAM ontologies info available in Debian and for EDAM registry to
get info from Debian. We expect a bidirectional communication to add
value-added information to the bioinformatics packages and global
knowledge on tools.


[0] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMed/Meeting/Aberdeen2014

Olivier Sallou <osallou@debian.org>

gpg key id: 4096R/326D8438  (keyring.debian.org)
Key fingerprint = 5FB4 6F83 D3B9 5204 6335  D26D 78DC 68DB 326D 8438

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