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Re: Debian Ruby Sprint in January 2014


On 10/12/13 at 14:36 +0100, Cédric Boutillier wrote:
> Hi!
> The Ruby team is planning to hold a Sprint meeting in Paris on
> January 15-17, as a satellite event of the Paris Mini DebConf.
> The goals of this meeting are making progress on the removal
> of ruby1.8, bringing back Ruby on Rails in a usable state, and improving
> QA infrastructure around Ruby/Rails.
> Four members members have confirmed their presence, and may expect
> local members to join too.
> Expenses:
> - travel expenses: 2200 euros (most of it is an oversea flight ticket).
> - hotel: 4 nights for the three non-locals, plus possibly two more for 
>   them to attend the Paris mini DebConf
>   (at 70 euros a night, it means from 840 to 1260 euros).
> which means a maximum total of 3460 euros.

Generally approved, minor nitpicks:

- Could you seek reimbursement now, using DC13 funds, for the expensive
  plane ticket (talk to hug@d.o, keeping auditor@d.o in Cc), rather than
  wait until after the sprint?

- Regarding additional hotel nights for the mini-debconf: I don't think
  that it's fair, compared to other attendees of the mini-debconf, to ask
  for reimbursement for those nights (of course, I don't mind if the
  travel plans allow attending the mini-debconf). As hotel prices in
  Paris are quite expensive, if paying for the additional nights is
  really a problem, I'm open to discussing sponsoring that (it sounds
  a bit inefficient to pay for the travel, but do not all debian
  contributors to attend the paris mini-debconf). But I would prefer a
  separate request. 


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