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Debian Med Sprints 2013 and brainstorming on 2014

Dear Sprints list and in particular dear deciders on Sprints,

Amazingly, yet another year has passed and we would like to prepare for another meeting to foster the development of Debian Med. I got the Kiel next generation sequencing group (a medical department, actually) to host the meeting. To have them with us alone means quite a boost to us from the knowledge management perspective.

I ask for support for up to four Debian Med contributors (DM/DD) from Europe to attend, which should be about 350 Euro per person for a flight/train plus one or two nights, totalling at 1400 Euro. I hope to find sponsors for food. I do not want my own expenses covered as it is the neighbouring larger city ... just like me not doing it in the last years, either.

Independently from the above I ask for your OK to call the event a Debian Sprint, be it with Debian's money or not. This page
is in its very infancy. We have always been >20 people in the past, which is because of the diversity of the field and many overlapping interests.

For 2014 I would like to have the event in Alexandria, Egypt. This is because people complained about our winter-at-a-seaside meetings to be in a too cold climate and so I thought they can have it really hot, then. I have contacts to researchers in Cairo that offered to connect and help. Since this would be somewhat special, also for Debian as a whole, I would like to prepare that more thorowly and extend the scope a bit beyond medical informatics and computational biology. Are there suggestions from your sides?

Many thanks and kind regards


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