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FTPMaster sprint, September 2012

Hello Sprints list, heyho DPL,

the FTP Team is organizing another "sprint" / coding /
turn-the-archive-off session.

It will be from Friday 14th til Friday 21st September, in Fulda in the
rooms of the Office-Factory (http://www.office-factory.net/), which are
happy to sponsor the working space. This means we only need support for
travel and accommodation costs.

Attending from our team would be

Joerg Jaspert
Mark Hymers
Ansgar Burchhardt
Gergely Nagy
Scott Kitterman (big maybe)

There are no travel or accommodation costs for the first two mentioned,
while Ansgar/Gergely will share a room. Scott is currently a big "maybe"
and unsure if he can attend.

Not counting Scott, the accommodation cost would sum less than 400 EUR,
the travel cost another 430 EUR.

For Scott travel would add another ~ 1000EUR, accommodation similar to
the above.

In summary we ask for roughly 900 EUR (or roughly 2000 EUR) of
sponsorship for a solid week of FTP Team work.

Topic is the usual, "FTPMaster work meeting" and we will come up with a
more detailed agenda as usual in the time between now and the actual
meeting. It will contain work around/for the upcoming release but also
lots of coding for the archive.

bye, Joerg
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