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Help with a libzstd sparc64 FTBFS on the buildd


The libzstd package in testing is currently missing a couple of
build-time tests and a fix for a very rare data corruption bug.
Both of these have been fixed in libstd-1.5.4+dfsg2-5 in unstable;
however, I feel like I cannot ask for an unblock from the release
managers since the sparc64 buildd started failing on this package
at some point in February:


Now, the -1, -2, and -4 failures I can explain: there were some
problems in the upstream test suite that were fixed in -3 and -5.
However, -3 and -5 should really not have failed: they built
successfully on all other architectures where the build dependencies
were installable, and they also passed autopkgtest runs:


I set up a qemu-based sbuild environment on my laptop, and
I built the libzstd package successfully. Is it possible that
something is wrong with the sparc64 buildd? Could somebody with
an actual sparc64 box try to build libstd-1.5.4+dfsg2-5 and
let me know if it works for them?

Thanks in advance!


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