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Re: unable to install (upgrade) git - git-man dependency

Hi Adrian,

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
It's the usual problem in Debian Ports [1] due to some Qt5 packages FTBFS on sparc64.

In particular, it's kconfig that blocks subversion which blocks git.

You can fetch git-man from snapshot.debian.org in the meantime.

FWIW, the various build issues on sparc64 have been fixed in Qt6, so all these Qt issues will go away once everyone has migrated to Qt6.

I fetched the older version of git-man required from snapshot.debian.org, installed it with dpkg. Then I was able to install git, compile stuff again and also finish upgrading. Running kernel 6.0.x serie son the Niagara CPU now... let's see how it goes.


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