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Re: Kernel Panics / Re: GRUB testers on SPARC needed

thanks for the information. I'm still battling a few issues, but the most prominent problem on my way to netboot-install is that I can't seem to get the apt/sources.list right for fetching sources (?):
You just have to build the debian-installer package on sparc64 using sbuild and as a result, you will get
the tarball containing the netboot and cdrom images.
...trying to get the build-deps for debian-installer complains, that I should at least specify one deb-src line in my sources.list... I have the settings the installer configured ("deb-src http://deb.debian.org/debian-ports/ sid main"), but sid doesn't have a /main/source on debian-ports... "unreleased" does have a source folder, but apt seems to ignore the "unreleased" distribution for sources (maybe that's what the comment "unreleased does not support sources yet" means?)

Well... long story short: Can you point me in the right direction to get the sources the debian-ports use? Or is the normal way to pull sources from "normal" debian repositories?


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