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Re: Re: Network installing a Netra T1?

Hello Rich,

> > On 5/9/21 3:24 PM, Rich wrote:
> > > I tried just handing it vmlinux from
> > > https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/debian-installer/2021-04-17/sparc64/debian-installer-images_20210415_sparc64.tar.gz
> > > over TFTP, but that just dies with "fast Data Access MMU Miss" before
> > > ever displaying anything suggesting Linux was booting, so that seems
> > > wrong.

just looked into my old docu: I was using "boot net:dhcp -p" at prom level
to get early kernel messages. And AFAIR, vmlinuz and initrd were combined into
one file at that time.

> > netboot installers are part of the debian-installer tarball found here [1].
> >
> > Please try with that one and report back. netboot is currently untested.

I always wanted to test that, but unfortunately I have no time to setup
an test in the near future.

Good luck and greetings

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