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Re: Newer kernels fail to boot on a U450?

Hi Mark,

On 24.02.21 14:01, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
On 24/02/2021 12:29, Frank Scheiner wrote:
On 24.02.21 12:14, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
Thanks for the information! Do you have a display on your U450 at all?

No, access was/is via serial console.

The U450 we were trying to rescue was headless (i.e. connect via serial
only) so the only differences I can see might either be the display or
the fact that the boot was occurring from the CDROM rather than a local
disk installation.

I'd agree to no display and serial console except that my machine had no
local disk and was netbooted - so netboot instead of boot from CDROM.

Other idea, can you be sure that the used disc was w/o errors and the
used disc drive was OK, too?

Next time you have the U450 fired up, I'd be interested to find out if
it is possible to boot directly from the latest debian ports CDROM for

I can give that a try end of the week and report back.


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