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Re: grub-installer: info: Calling 'apt-install grub-ieee1275' failed


On 1/11/21 2:53 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
> I am doing a re-install with the "default" installer and I choose the
> most trivial config options. Which is to say the partition options were
> whatever seems most trivial. Full disk. New partition table. Everything
> in one partition.  The default seems to be 512MB ext2 bootable /boot and
> then a large slice and 1G of swap.
> Eventually I see a big red box :
>     [!!] Configure the package manager
>     apt configuration problem
>     An attempt to configure apt to install additional packages from the
>     media failed.
> Here I select "continue" and things seem to move along.

You should have checked what's in the log in the other terminal so you know
the actual problem was.

> I guess there is something oddball in the expert level menu option but
> we don't really test for that. OKay, this works in the easy mode option.

I alone simply don't have the capacity to test (and fix!) all possible
paths in the installer.

If you run into such problem, try to reproduce it with a daily snapshot
of the installer on one of the officially supported architectures and
then file a bug against debian-installer.


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