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Re: grub-installer: info: Calling 'apt-install grub-ieee1275' failed

> I have no clue which image you used and I'm not sure what you did to end up in a situation
> where the installer would try to download the grub2 packages over the net which are actually
> on the installation ISO, so they don't have to be downloaded.

The only situation where I can imagine this would happen is when the
repositories have a newer version of the package than the installer
image, and update to the latest version during installation is enabled
(probably the default).

Maybe try again, or with a different mirror?
This sounds very much like a temporary issue with the repo, not the

Jan  4 19:00:04 in-target:   503  Backend unavailable, connection
timeout [IP: 2a04:4e42:58::644 80]

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