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Re: Re: Unrecognized magic number in media label

On Sun, Nov 01, 2020 at 07:21:40PM +0000, Dennis Clarke wrote:
>     I may have mentioned in the past that I *always* use the expert mode
> text installer to get the job done. Mostly because I can walk away from
> the machine and run the bulk of the installation process remote over a
> ssh connection. That is the greatest feature in the installer ever!
> Certainly top of the top ten features in an otherwise slick and easy
> installer process. I assure you that Red Hat could learn a lot. I hate
> their graphical garbage installer.

+1 here - having the text mode is an outstanding feature, especially
when you combine it with serial logging. And yes, on all the machines
with no serial I do installation over ssh, too.

Also great is netbooting - learned that installation method years ago as
"jumpstart" in solaris an use it whenever possible. It's amazing how
flawless that concept works on small ARM SoC with uboot over serial lines.

>     In any case, thank you for the great work and I wanted to simply let
> you know that sparc64 seems to work fine for the basic stuff anyone
> would want.

Thanks from my side too and hoping for an opportunity (time!) to try on
the old sun iron still beeing in our basement.


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