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Re: Bug#965342: openjdk-15: Please update build configuration for sparc64

But Hotspot supported the previous version of OpenJDK. Is version 15 Hotspot not supported because

changes are known to be needed, or just because the maintainers don't have the time to test it on SPARC?

As you say it is sad. Java and SPARC are the SW/HW claims to fame of the Sun Corp.

On 7/19/20 5:59 PM, Gregor Riepl wrote:
The latest pre-release version of OpenJDK 15 unfortunately dropped native Hotspot
support for Solaris and Linux SPARC which is why we have to resort to using Zero

The updated diff patches the debian/rules to reflect these changes by switching
sparc64 to Zero-only and dropping the configure option --enable-deprecated-ports.
I just read up on Zero [1] [2] - it's a bit sad that things have to be
this way with Hotspot. Hopefully the slow paths that Shark has to take
have been improved since then (or will be improved in the future).

[2] https://icedtea.classpath.org/wiki/ZeroSharkFaq

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