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sparc64 kernel crashes, & using SAS/SATA drives instead of SCA/FC-AL


I've just recently got myself a SunBlade 2500 Red, and while Debian
Sparc64 installed perfectly from the May image (thanks!), I'm being
bitten by repeated crashes of the kernel. Presumably, the same bug
that was reported in april-may by Miroslav

So - has anyone made any progress on this or are we still in need of a
bisect? If the latest, is there any known way to quickly cause a crash
to ensure if a tested kernel is good/bad?

And related to something Meelis said
> I might want to install Linux on E420R but do not have FC-AL disks with me.

I have found a reasonable cheap way to work around such issues for
Suns with an available 3.3V PCI[-X] or PCIe slot, by flashing a x86
LSI 1064/1068 (PCI) or 1068e (PCIe) device with the ROM file available
from a Sun patch. See in the rescue mailing list here
<http://www.sunhelp.org/pipermail/rescue/2020-July/142249.html> for
details. As far as I can tell, any flashable card from eBay should
enable you to boot from a SAS or even SATA (I only tried SAS so far)
drive instead of the less-easy-to-find SCA or FC-AL drive that came


Romain Dolbeau

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