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Re: What is wrong with kernels 5.X on sparc64 ?

On 29. 03. 2020. 21:27, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

> On 3/29/20 8:16 PM, Miroslav Zubcic wrote:

>> varnava login: [ 4888.989100] Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer
>> dereference
>> [ 4889.057151] tsk->{mm,active_mm}->context = 00000000000000ce
>> [ 4889.124099] tsk->{mm,active_mm}->pgd = fff0001375888000
>> [ 4889.187349] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
>> exitcode=0x00000009
>> [ 4889.279315] Press Stop-A (L1-A) from sun keyboard or send break
>> [ 4889.279315] twice on console to return to the boot prom
>> [ 4889.279345] kernel BUG at kernel/cpu.c:941!
>> (...)
>> Does anybody have some information or experience with this phenomenon?

> I think I have seen instability issues on the one IIIi machine we have
> as well as this machine is running 4.19 for that reason. Other machines
> such as the T2 or later models don't show any issues.
> So, I think this issue needs to be bisected and reported to the SPARC
> Linux kernel mailing list [1]. I'm CC'ing Meelis Roos who has been doing
> a lot of kernel regression testing on sparc64 in the past and might have
> already found the problematic commit.

Hi Adrian,

Ok since now I have plenty of time during this global stay at home
times, I'm willing to do any debugging you propose, test things etc.

Here is more info on machine:

1. Two kernel panics from my 1st mail was from different kernels.
Unfortunately, the second one (with apt remove exim) was from couple
months ago.

This are kernels which I have in GRUB:


Last two are compiled from source. Only 4.19.0-5 works.

root@varnava:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo
cpu		: TI UltraSparc IIIi (Jalapeno)
fpu		: UltraSparc IIIi integrated FPU
pmu		: ultra3i
prom		: OBP 4.30.4 2009/08/19 07:14
type		: sun4u
ncpus probed	: 2
ncpus active	: 2
D$ parity tl1	: 0
I$ parity tl1	: 0
cpucaps		: flush,stbar,swap,muldiv,v9,ultra3,mul32,div32,v8plus,vis,vis2
Cpu0ClkTck	: 000000005f5e1000
Cpu1ClkTck	: 000000005f5e1000
MMU Type	: Cheetah+
MMU PGSZs	: 8K,64K,512K,4MB
CPU0:		online
CPU1:		online

- Debian system is routinely up to date with packages.

- OBP has the latest patch which I obtained:

Sun Ultra 45 Workstation, No Keyboard
Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
OpenBoot 4.30.4, 14336 MB memory installed, Serial #68142416.
Ethernet address 0:14:4f:f:c1:6d, Host ID: 840fc16d.

So, the problem is usually triggered by systemd or it's systemctl. Maybe
some new fancy syscall or who knows what. :-)

Not every internet quote is true.
	-- Oscar Wilde

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