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Re: sunffb revival

Hi Gregor!

On 08/12/2018 02:00 PM, Romain Dolbeau wrote:
> 2018-07-26 22:03 GMT+02:00 Gregor Riepl <onitake@gmail.com>:
>> I'm not sure how UPA works exactly, but I don't think it matters what bus
>> architecture the machine is based on.
> Indeed, after building your package, it works just fine on my U1:-)
> I get the same occasional display corruption as I got with my previous
> hackish FFB driver, but those could be the userland badly interacting
> with the big-endian system...
> (I'm running WindowMaker & xterm).

Sounds good.

Can you upload your package to Debian Mentors so I can review and sponsor it?

Also, please don't forget to file an ITP bug report.

Oh, and does the package build on architectures other than sparc*? Otherwise
we won't be able to upload it to the official archives.


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