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Re: Testing Firefox 62 on sparc64

> It's an assertion that's triggered from here:
>> https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/file/tip/js/src/jit/ProcessExecutableMemory.cpp
> Did you install the debug package so we can see where it actually
> crashes in ProcessExecutableMemory.cpp?

Yes, otherwise the backtrace wouldn't have included _any_ information at
all... Seems like it's still not very useful.
Perhaps I need to launch FF with special parameters to get meaningful output?

> Otherwise, I'll have to build from source and debug from there.

You could run FF in Xvfb or via X11 tunneling if you don't have a workstation
with a screen, you know. ;)

I tried both on the machine's desktop and via ssh -X, resulting in the same
crash, by the way.

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