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Re: audio Sun CS4231

Hmm, 16384 is 0x4000

What version of audio driver do you have? Module snd-sun-cs4231

Cheers -- Rick

On August 4, 2018 4:59:56 AM EDT, sacarde <sacarde@tiscali.it> wrote:
Alle mercoledì 25 luglio 2018, hai scritto:
On 07/25/2018 03:03 PM, sacarde wrote:

Try what's listed here under "Third Party Applications":

I try but same problem, running:

aplay -Dpulse ......wav
mplayer -ao pulse ......mp3
now I hear a noise sound, like: huuuhuuuh

could this kernel-message be a problem ?

Aug 04 10:09:56 debian kernel: audio f0066d08: invalid position: , pos =
16384, buffer size = 16384, period size = 16384

than kyou


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