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Re: mdadm serious does wrong partition changes

Hi Hermann,

On Mon, 2017-12-04 at 10:33 +0100, Hermann Lauer wrote:
> Hello Frans,

> here is the issue: Partition sdd1 starts on sector 0, which is common
> on sparc but normaly never setup so on x86/amd64 (fdisk refuses
> it on x86/64 even in expert mode, tried that last week). On sparc
> that only works as many filesystems (for example ext2/3/4) leave
> enough space at the beginning to keep the partition table intact.
> So for Linux this setup could also be an md device without an
> partition table - which is also allowed and I use(d) such setups.
> I even used partitioned mirrored root devices some time and it
> works (the partion table is mirrord than too), but it's a very
> special setup and you need to know all details - like the location of
> md superblocks.
> Never used lsblk, but my feeling is, you can't blame it or the md
> code really in that case - as it's not distinguishable on md level
> what you mean.

Okay, if i do not want to start on sector 0 with the first partition.
What sector do i need to start? 2048 like x86/64?

Do i understand, will there be enough room for md raid?


Frans van Berckel

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