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Fixing the missing serial console after installation issue


Some users of Linux on sparc64 have noticed that the serial console is not working
directly after installation. This is because systemd does not enable the serial
console by default.

To address this issue, all that is needed is to enable the serial console in the
"finishinstall" step of debian-installer. In fact, there is already script code
which enables the serial console after installation on both sysvinit and upstart
systems, but it's missing for systemd systems.

I haven't come up with a clever solution yet, but what we need is something in
the form of:

	chroot /target systemctl --no-reload --quiet enable console-getty

But it's not incorporating the values for "ttyterm" and "ttyspeed", so it's
not enough as is. I'm also not sure how to detect the presence of systemd
in this context.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a patch? I'd be happy to push it :).

CC'ing debian-boot@l.d.o as this affects all d-i targets.


> [1] https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/d-i/finish-install.git/tree/finish-install.d/90console#n63

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