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Re: Stretch bootstrap for sparc64 and sparc, optimized for ultrasparc3


On 09/08/2017 10:44 AM, Tom Turelinckx wrote:
You can just easily cross-compile a native gcc compiler with sbuild.
That's actually
very easy using the cross-build toolchain available in Debian.

Thanks for the pointer, this will help me a lot!

We are currently missing a cross-build-essential-sparc64 meta-package though,
I haven't found the time yet to file a bug report with a patch yet. Currently,
I'm building this package manually and pre-install it into the build chroot.

There isn't really a point in bootstrapping for sparc these days unless
you set the default CPU to sparv8 to be able to run Debian on a sun4m
machine. sun4u or newer machines should use sparc64.

Your efforts sound like you're trying to reinvent the wheel in my opinion.

We have different perspectives on those ;-)

Well, my point is: There isn't much development going on for sparc anymore,
so you're investing time into a more or less dead target. There is no
objective reason not to use sparc64 on an UltraSPARC machine. If you have
some applications that need more performance, you can compile them as
32-bit binaries individually.

It's not unlikely that you will run into trouble with several packages
because they haven't been built for sparc for a very long time. I mean,
if you're fixing those packages and send in patches, I won't be unhappy,
but I'm just trying to tell you, it won't be without quite some pain.

I think it makes more sense to help to make Britney and hence testing
available in Debian Ports.

One does not exclude the other. Do you know who is working on that?

You should come join #debian-ports and also talk to Niels Thykier and
James Clarke. And, no, one does not exclude the other. But joining
forces makes more sense than trying to be a one-man army.


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