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Re: mdadm /boot mirror and sun disklabel corruption

I'm creating mirrored system disk.
For example I make partitions on two disks like the following:
1. 500MB for /boot - boot partition
2. 2GB for swap - swap
3. Whole disk - sun's whole disk
4. 31,6GB for / - rest for the root fs

Then I create metadevices (mirrors) for partitions 1,2 and 4.

We know, that sun disk label (partition table) resides at the beginning of the disk. In our case partition 1 (for the /boot filesystem) is also at the beginning of the disk. When debian installer creates mdadm metadata v1.2 for partition 1 it overwrites sun disklabel. As a result after installation OBP can't read disk label and boot the system. Version 0.90 metadata resides at the end of partition, so it is safe to use it for partitions at the beginning of disks with sun disklabel.

Unfortunately, in the debian installer we don't have possibility to select metadata version during install. :(

06.09.2017 17:59, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz пишет:
On 09/06/2017 04:40 PM, Fedor Konstantinov wrote:
I would greatly appreciate if it could be possible to add to the installer ability to select mdadm metadata version when creating RAID arrays. Now, when creating mirror for /boot partition (at sun disk slice 0) installer uses v1.2 metadata and so it corrupts sun disklabel. To avoid disklabel corruption, now I have to manually create such partition
with v0.90 metadata, and ext3 fs in it.

So, you want to use an old metadata format? Wouldn't it make more sense to fix the bug
in question?

Also, you want to create a mirrored boot directory, is that correct?


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