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Re: Bad news

On 09/04/2017 03:11 PM, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
I'd suggest that excessively-optimistic claims when there's a strong indication
that Oracle is sending Labor Day turkeys to its staff aren't helpful.

I don't think this is excessively-optimistic. From what I have learned, the staff
that was let go was all in the Solaris department while we here are concerned
about Linux on SPARC. So I am not worried unless there comes an official statement
which confirms that all SPARC development has been stopped.

There's also a hurricane and North Korea in play. Have you ever come across
the phrase "good day to bury bad news"?

No, I haven't. We live in a time where you can't really hide such things
anyway. It's not that everyone in the world is now focusing on North Korea
and the hurricane in the US. At least here in Europe, people aren't too much
worried about these things.

And from what I have seen officially, it does not look like SPARC has been canned,
see for example this talk [1]:

"General Session: SPARC Systems Update – Advancing the Software in Silicon Revolution"

"Software in Silicon technology is the most important development in enterprise
 computing in the last decade, created by Oracle’s unique vision of breakthrough
 microprocessor and server designs, and enabled by coengineering with database,
 applications, and Java. In this session learn the advanced features that secure
 application data with less effort, accelerate data analytics and Oracle Database
 12c in-memory performance, and run Java middleware in the most efficient and fast
 way. See Oracle’s strategy for creating the SPARC server technology that is changing
 the way customers look at their scaleout and cloud infrastructure, and the future
 outlook for systems based on SPARC designs that Oracle has unveiled."

This talk is by an SVP for Hardware Development at Oracle.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I prefer news and statements from official sources
rather than losing my mind over something random people post on twitter or TheLayOff.com,
but maybe I'm just not media-hyped enough.


[1] https://events.rainfocus.com/catalog/oracle/oow17/catalogoow17?search=sparc&showEnrolled=false

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