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Bug#873823: dbus: FTBFS on sparc64: test-dbus-daemon: FATAL-ERROR: timed out

Source: dbus
Version: 1.11.16+really1.11.16-2
Severity: normal

I recently enabled build-time tests for dbus, having first fixed the
home directory issue that made them fail on all buildds. They pass on
most Linux architectures, but fail on sparc64.

> ** (/<<BUILDDIR>>/dbus-1.11.16+really1.11.16/debian/build-debug/test/.libs/test-dbus-daemon:7617): ERROR **: timed out

This test times out after 60 seconds:

>   /* Prevent tests from hanging forever. This is intended to be long enough
>    * that any reasonable regression test on any reasonable hardware would
>    * have finished. */
> #define TIMEOUT 60
— test/test-utils-glib.c

I think the timeout is during the /echo/limited test-case, which severely
cuts down the number of messages that the dbus-daemon is willing to keep
in-flight at a time, cutting throughput from 250 to 200 messages per
second. This seems really slow: on my 5 year old x86-64 laptop I get
more than 20 times that throughput.

If sparc64 is really that slow, it's just an arbitrary timeout and could
be increased (the only purpose is to make each test take a finite time
to fail if something gets wedged). Is it?

(X-Debbugs-Cc to debian-sparc)


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