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Re: How to determine if my qemu_sparc64 linux is completed booting?

On Tue, Jul 04, 2017 at 04:03:56PM +0800, Mohd Yunus Sharum wrote:
> I'm not sure if i really understand this.
> Where should i put the option to enable console=ttyS0?

On the kernel command line, of course.

Something like -append "console=ttyS0" should work.

Note: Depending on the serial driver used, your serial device might
      not be named ttyS0.

> Is it the same if i change the -serial option on qemu-system-sparc64 command
> as the following?

No, it's not. That's the qemu side where you enable the serial
console. You also need to enable the serial console on the guest side.


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