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RE: How to recover from blank screen on sparc64

Hello Adrian!

Thanks for your prompt response.
OK - I had a bit of a problem getting the serial console to work again but I
played around a bit with the handshaking and was successful. 
I thought perhaps the system was trying to start a desktop but that's not
the case. It's probably the same situation that occurred when I tried to do
the install from the cdrom: it appeared to boot from the cdrom but then the
screen went black. That's what's happening now. The problem during install
seemed to be resolved but after installing packages for a desktop the
problem is back.
I used the serial console and aptitude to install some hardware discovery
utilities. Running hwinfo --gfxcard shows the graphics card to be "Sun
Microsystems Sun|Turbo GX Plus (cgsix)". Config status is "cfg=new,
avail=yes, need=no, active=unknown"

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Hi Tom!

On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 09:31:38AM -0400, Tom Demler wrote:
> I then attempted to install a desktop starting with xfce (I only have 
> 1Gb of RAM). Received > several "Not Found" messages for packages so 
> the install of xfce did not continue. Attempted the same with LXDE 
> with similar results. Finally I updated package lists and proceeded 
> with the resulting upgrades. This seemed to install many, many 
> packages - possibly all that were downloaded in my attempt to install 
> a desktop. It was taking a very long time particularly with building 
> the font cache. I left it continue.

This is normal to Debian and not related to sparc64 at all. If your system
is up-to-date, APT will have set up a systemd timer job to update your
package lists automatically once per day.

> This morning the system was at the Sun OpenBoot boot prompt so I 
> attempted to boot the system. It seemed to be booting normally but the 
> result is a blank screen and I cannot get a response to anything. What 
> is the best way to recover from this?

Did you try hooking up the machine to the serial console again and check the
output there?

What kind of framebuffer device do you have?


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