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Re: Porter roll call for Debian Stretch

Niels Thykier:
> [...]
> As for "porter qualification"
> =============================
> We got burned during the Jessie release, where a person answered the
> roll call for sparc and we kept sparc as a release architecture for
> Jessie.  However, we ended up with a completely broken and unbootable
> sparc kernel.
>   That was an embarrassment to the Debian stability and quality
>   reputation that I never - ever - want to repeat.
> (For avoidance of doubt: I want to ensure that release architectures
> "just work(tm)" and I have no desire to blame that volunteer).
> [...]

I have been reminded of my inaccurate memory.  The broken sparc kernel
was released in Wheezy (and discovered during Jessie).  The roll call
for Jessie happened shortly after Wheezy release but before DSA
discovered the broken kernel.

Nonetheless, the core argument still stands.


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