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Ref: Information about Your late Relation/Family member-Final Notice

Date: 22/9/2016


Ref: Information about Your late Relation/Family member-Final Notice

My name is David Alan Clayton I am retired and now work as a consultant/ Investment adviser to your late relation . There is Estate (Cash deposit in bank and some landed Properties) belonging to your late family member whom I will like to discuss with you; He is related to you going by the lineage, surname and country of origin.

Once I receive your information and endorse same appropriately, I shall provide you with all the privileged information/legal documents relating to the deceased and also will give you guidelines on how to realize this goal without the breach of the law. I would respectfully request that you treat the content of this letter as privileged and respect the integrity of the information you come by as a result of this correspondence. 

Contact me immediately for more information and to begin the legal process of redeeming your lawful entitlement before the bank is compelled by law to hand over the money to the government. Kindly email me your contact details and provide me with your personal phone number so I can give you a call, it?s urgent. 

Kind Regards,                            
David Alan Clayton
E-mail: info@claytonconsult.org
Tel: +44 (0) 787 224 0401(Mobile)
Fax:  +44(0)709 298 8741

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