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Re: Gerhard Tonn

Hi, how are you?

Sorry, it took me so long to reply your message but I am not often on meetic. I have cancelled my profile. But anyway thanks for your email address, it's very convenient for me.

I attach my pics to this mail, if you need more, I will send more. But please, don't ask for nude or lingerie pics. I don't do them. I am sure, you like my pics because I am pretty cute. As for the character, I am very friendly. I am looking for friendship and I will be very glad to meet you in person in any Australian city. I like travelling.

I need to go to work now but I promise to write you more next time.

What is your name? You didn't sign you message :) In what city to you live? Will you send me your pics?

I will be waiting for your reply!


Lada Nayar

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