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Re: Status

On 04/04/2016 05:04 AM, Jerome Ibanes wrote:
> A few questions related to migrating a solaris 10/sparc64 only
> application; which isn't available for other platforms.
> * Does Debian/sparc64 offer any binary compatibility layer for solaris
> 10/sparc64 binaries?

No, unfortunately not. You would have to resort to kvm to install
an instance of Solaris in a kernel-based virtual machine.

> * Does Debian/sparc64 have support for X11/Xorg, and if so, which
> video cards are supported, the application aforementioned has a
> graphical requirement (which could be remotely displayed if necessary,
> but we would prefer not to).

Yes, Debian on sparc64 has full support for Xorg. Basically all display
hardware supported by the current release of Xorg should work. There
might be some issues with Sun-specific display adapters as someone
else previously reported on this list, but in such cases, you
could just install a known-working standard PC graphics card
as a work-around (PCI, AGP or PCI Express).


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