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Re: Resurrecting Debian on SPARC

    > I've a SunFire 280r which I'd really like to see running Jessie to be
    > used for compiling gcc-5.2 and gnu modula-2 amongst other things
    We still have to wait for this rather serious upstream issue [1] in
    binutils to be resolved before we can continue with any serious work
    on either of the SPARC ports of Debian.
    Unless this issue is fixed, binaries cannot be linked against libsystemd
    properly meaning that many packages will fail to build from source
    @Jose: Any updates regarding PR target/19019 in binutils?

Cary is working on it.  He mentioned that supporting the
STT_SPARC_REGISTER symbols will require some work on the
target-independent code of gold, so it may take a while.

Can't libsystemd be linked with ld/bfd instead of gold?

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