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Re: Resurrecting Debian on SPARC

On 09/22/2015 06:45 PM, rod wrote:
> When building packages (in this case mozjs), where is the proper
> place/forum to post questions about the errors (assuming I've
> searched/googled/experimented/tried to trace the error(s) on my own first)?

I cannot give you a canonical answer to this. But usually, you should
get in touch with the upstream developers, both through their mailing
lists and IRC. The upstream developers of a certain Debian package
can be found under "homepage" on the PTS (package tracking system)
page of each package.

If you cannot find an upstream contact, you can still ask the Debian
maintainer of the package or maybe debian-devel@lists.debian.org.

> In general should I start tracking errors from the bottom of the build
> log or from the first error/warning that shows up?

Depends on the errors. If you run into a simple

> Oh, and in the off chance I actually manage to fix something; whom
> should I inform, the list, the bug tracking system, the maintainer, or ...?

See the list above. If you found a fix, file a bug against the Debian
source package and attach your patch. Make sure to use the "patch"

Best way to report such a bug is "reportbug <package name>" which
works fine once you have a working mail setup on the machine you
run reportbug on. reportbug allws to add patches, tags and so
on, so it's always a good idea to use it.

> -still reading and trying to figure things out in the world of debian
> maintaining-

Have you found Debian's New Maintainer Guide?


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