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binutils-multiarch bug? + packages rebuild

Taking a closer look at binutils-2.25.1/debian/rules I found something
funny in setting MULTIARCH on SPARC ...

else ifeq ($(DEB_TARGET_MULTIARCH),sparc64-linux-gnu)
  DEB_TARGET_MULTIARCH32 = sparc-linux-gnu
else ifeq ($(DEB_TARGET_MULTIARCH),sparc-linux-gnu)
  DEB_TARGET_MULTIARCH64 = sparc64-linux-gnu

So, sparc64 is set to MULTIARCH32? And sparc is set to MULTIARCH64?
That got to be a binutils-multiarch bug?

My second in debian-minimal+build-essential what packages are depending
on binutils and need a rebuild if the the gold bug is fixed?

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