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Re: Bug#790556: systemctl crashes, systemd setup fails

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control: -1 retitle "systemctl crashes, systemd setup fails on sparc"

Am 01.07.2015 um 11:08 schrieb Meelis Roos:
>>> I had trouble with udev 220-7 hanging on sparc boot with corrupted
>>> messages on serial console. Because it was hard to report in
>>> understandable way, I booted init=/bin/bash and tried to upgrade all
>>> packages to try the lastest before reporting. However, now systemd setup
>>> crashes and breaks the system even more:
>> Did you have a version which worked correctly on sparc?
> With udev 218-8:
> systemd 218-8 OK
> systemd 220-6 fails like described mduring install:
> *** Error in `systemctl': free(): invalid pointer: 0xf79f889c ***
> Aborted
> Initializing machine ID from D-Bus machine ID.rFri/*** Error in `systemctl': free(): invalid pointer: 0xf7d8489c ***
> Aborted
> *** Error in `systemctl': free(): invalid pointer: 0xf7e1089c ***

CCing our debian-sparc porters mailing list.
Would be great if they can look into this issue.

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