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Debian Archive architecture removals


As the jessie release approaches, the ftp-team have been reviewing the
status of the architectures in unstable.

Neither sparc nor hurd-i386 are going to release with jessie and we are
therefore looking at their future in unstable.


Given the current lack of proper kernel support and the lack of upstream
toolchain support, we intend to remove sparc *at the latest*, three
months after the release of jessie. This could be avoided if there is a
team of Debian Developers putting in a serious effort to revive this
port, thus the 3 months timeframe. If this happens, please keep track in
an easy reviewable way, so we can recheck it before actual removal (for
example list of closed bugs, uploads, upstream patch work, ...).

It is noted that the sparc64 port is likely to be a more suitable basis
for any future SPARC work but that nobody has approached us about

Well before wheezy was released, we talked with the HURD porters, and
they agreed to re-check their archive status just after the wheezy
release[1]. The plan was to move the HURD port off ftp-master if it
wasn't included as a technology preview or full release arch. HURD
wasn't a part of Wheezy, and it's highly unlikely it will be in Jessie.

We'll be removing HURD, as discussed, from the ftp-master archive after
the Jessie release.

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-hurd/2013/05/msg00018.html

bye, Joerg
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