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Re: Sparc32 Love?

Steve Yeats a écrit :
Hello one and all,


as I've come into the ownership of quite a few Sun4m SPARC32 machines
in the past few weeks, I've gotten an old install of Sarge with a 2.4
kernel running on one and have been painfully compiling some necessary
files to get newer programs working on the old and crufty system to be
able to play nicely with it.

So far it seems the only alternative to using an older version of
Linux is OpenBSD, and although I've tried that, there hasn't been much
luck with getting things to compile properly on it, not to mention
that half the packages in their repos are MISSING! Sparc64 has them,
i386 has them, but there's essential files like glib2 and other misc
packages just plain MISSING. so this ends up in a day and a half
compile that just segfaults with a core dump... not the happiest

Linux isn't stable on sun4u/v since kernel 3.2. It randomly deadlocks. Last stable kernel should be 2.4.21. After 2.4.21, all my sparc32 randomly crash with watchdog reset message or NMI interrupt. Since 2.2, Hypersparc CPU are just supported. A quad-RT626 SS20 with a 2.4.21 kernel runs slower than a dual SM71 with the same kernel.

I've already seen at least one person successfully boot a 3.1.5 kernel
on my exact machine model I'm trying to do this on (SparcStation 5)
back in 2011 on a built-from-scratch Gentoo installation... so why not
Debian? is there still any interest at all anywhere from anyone to get
even an unsupported Sparc32 port going again? it's a crime it's not
already, since even GCC still supports Sparcv8 as a compiler argument
so to stay compatible with the Leon and OpenSPARC cores-- this should
make an unsupported port by the right person work out somewhat well,
I'd think.

Leon is a sparcv8e, not a sparcv8, but of course, you can rebuild all userland with sparcv8 option (debian was built with sparcv7, without mult and div CPU instructions).

so, I'm calling anyone out... anyone at all, willing to do an
unofficial Sparc32 port of Wheezy or Jessie to the long-abandoned,
closet-dwelling dusty machines that should actually be capable of
something instead of sitting around just getting more expensive on
auction sites... if they're that valuable, they should be actually
able to DO something! even if the port goes ahead and targets only the
OpenSPARC and Leon cores, it's still a good start!

On sparc32, you have NetBSD (SMP capable) or OpenBSD (only UP). If you want to have a sparc32 (v8 and _not_ v8+), you should have a running kernel and sparc32 isn't supported by mainstream anymore. I'm not sure that leon is officially supported. I have a Leon4 ITX evaluation board and kernel is not stable enough to rebuild all required packages to have a decent linux distribution.



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