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nanomsg tests fail on sparc

Hello mentors, porters,

I'm having some trouble debugging why the nanomsg tests are failing - reliably, at least - on sparc.  Because of the way the test suite works, I don't end up getting a lot of information about why the failure occurs, other than just a general "bus error".  I don't have access to the sparc porterboxes, or any real experience with sparc itself, so debugging is difficult for me.  Time to send up red flares to see if any of you can give me a hand.

The FTBFS on sparc is holding nanomsg out of testing (#759129), and with the freeze approaching, I'm worried it won't make it in before the freeze.

Please feel free to reach out to me by IRC (hlieberman on OFTC, Freenode) if you want more real-time conversation.

Thanks, everyone.


Harlan Lieberman-Berg

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