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Re: Ultra-5 freezing

scar a écrit :
BERTRAND Joël wrote on 09/11/2014 12:41 PM:

scar a écrit :
how can i test RAM and other hardware,
for example?

     You can use diag_switch? = true and diag_level = max (with a null
modem serial line).

i set these options but it doesn't seem to do anything... i see a little
more about memory being initialized but then it just tries to boot from
the network.  diag-device = net so do i need to adjust that value too so
it tests the memory?   unfortunately no help is provided for diag-device
in openboot

	diag-switch? = true

I don't remember if U5 has diag-level. If yes, please set diag-level to max.

	And check result on serial line. Diag of course tests memory.



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