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gratis af te halen / free pick up: sun, proliant dl 360 g4 servers and other hardware


I'd like to get rid of some old hardware, again.

 - an Ultra 5 Sun SPARC station
 - another Ultra 5 Sun SPARC station
 - an Ultra 10 Sun SPARC station
 - a huge Sun crt monitor
 - a SunBlade 1000 (tower model, huge and heavy)
 - a HP Proliant DL 360 1 U rackmountable server
    G4, intel xeon processor
 - 6 more of those: Six HP Proliant DL 360 1 U rackmountable servers, G4p, 2x
    36 GB disk, 2 GB ram, 2 x dual core Xeon 3 GHz CPU.  Of course: hardware
    raid support, iLO console access, hot swappable drives
 - lots of old Sun SPARC and PC periferals (cables,
    mostly: SCSI, monitor stuff, lots of powercables, ...)

If you're interested and would like to use it, make an appointment with me &
come and pick it up in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  If there's no interest,
I'll bring it to the milieustraat / dump within a couple of weeks.



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