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Bug with lsi controller megaraid 9250-4i

Hello there,
Yesterday i tested debian jessie on my sunfire t2000 with an lsi megaraid controller
This causes the system to not boot.
It stays in runlevel2(i think) and modprobe times out.
Btw i have some sun hardware to test stuff:
One Sunfire V880 (with 4x ultrasparc  IIICu)
One Sunfire V210 (With 1 Ultrasparc IIICu)
One sun blade 2500 (red and blue) (ultrasparc IIIi)
Two Sunfire T2000 (8core ultrasparc T1)
If someone wants to test something just send me a message.

And i have a Question,
Is there a opensource implementation of tw_cli and/or megacli?

Also the ultralinux.org page is dead, its linked on the debian sparc page.

Greetings David.

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