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Re: Install Linux on Ultra Sparc 10

I had this issue when I used a UPA (read: unsupported) graphics board. When I used the built in PGX64 (mach64) board, I got VGA out. It's not to say that with a UPA board it doesn't work, just that Linux doesn't detect it as a framebuffer, and so it outputs to the serial console. I didn't have a DB-25, so I just removed the UPA board all was good.


On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 4:44 PM, Amy Tran <thu@sescoinc.com> wrote:

Hello there,


I tried to install Debian version 6.0.6 sparc on sparc ultra machine and got an error:

Console: color dummy device 80x25

Console [tty0] enable, bootable disable

And the system was hang, no keyboard response.


Any idea?




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