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Re: Bug#593141: Bug#653582: ruby-hpricot: FTBFS on ia64: ruby crashes while running tests

I took a look at this a few weeks ago.

The problem is the code in the cont.c file which implements continuations.
A thread saves its own stack and its thread context itself while it is running. The ruby programmers believe that that the saved info can be used by another thread to switch over. They are wrong! This is simply ill-formed code; wrong usage of the makecontext()/swapcontext() functions. It is a miracle that it works on other architectures - on sparc it did after doing some dirty tricks. The problem causes crashes which are almost impossible to understand with the debugger. The code was written in 2007 and made a lot of trouble until now; when you take a look to cont.c, you are see some really weird code fragments - dirty hacks to workaround some fundamental design flaws. I'm not satisfied with the code quality of the ruby project at all; I don't understand how it could be included in a ruby version that is for production use.

So the continuations and perhaps some related threading features are broken - very advanced and new features in Ruby.

I think a fix is feasable for platforms which use makecontext()/swapcontext() - as Linux is (rather than Windows Win32 functions).

What can be implememnted is that a thread switches to another context/stack; the initial context/stack is saved after that. The thread switches back to the initial context/stack finally.
This means:
- The performance becomes worse due to additional context switches. I think it isn't that bad; the ruby code copies over huge portions of memory in its implementation all the time; the entire original code is a huge performance penalty (if it wouldn't crash). I don't believe that the additional context switches makes it noticeable worse. - The patch would be a real patch bomb. It would remove a lot of mess for (not working) ia64 workarounds and the most recent sparc patches of Debian as well. The patch replaces a lot of code of cont.c. - The patch would change the implementation for all Debian archs, not only ia64.

I appreciate comments on that.
For now I'd prefer the 'wheezy-ignore' rather than removing the ia64 ruby package.


If you want to read something pleasing about ia64 for a change, you can take a look at bug#659186 or #582774.

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