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Re: Bug#653653: nbd: FTBFS on sparc: Bus error (core dumped) - FAIL: integrity

On Sat, Mar  3, 2012 at 09:55:51 -0600, Patrick Baggett wrote:

> Where can I read the source for "nbd-tester-client.c"? I just did a quick
> scan of "ghash.c" but I didn't see anything really silly going on, so I'd
> like to check this file. All copies I can find of "nbd-tester-client.c"
> seem to be short (<600 lines) and not use glib at all.
It does this:

 * This is the reply packet that nbd-server sends back to the client after
 * it has completed an I/O request (or an error occurs).
struct nbd_reply {
        __be32 magic;
        __be32 error;           /* 0 = ok, else error   */
        char handle[8];         /* handle you got from request  */

GHashTable *handlehash = g_hash_table_new(g_int64_hash, g_int64_equal);
struct nbd_reply rep;

                sizeof(struct nbd_reply),
                "Could not read from server socket: %s",
prc = g_hash_table_lookup(handlehash, rep.handle);

So alignof(struct nbd_reply) is 4, and rep.handle is not always 8-byte
aligned.  Either the handle should be made a uint64_t, or the test
should do

uint64_t handle;
memcpy(&handle, &rep.handle, 8);
prc = g_hash_table_lookup(handlehash, &handle);


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